About Us

Commodity Capital AG is a globally established, innovative specialist in the field of precious metals and commodities. Our core competencies lie in the economic and geological analysis of commodity projects, as well as portfolio management. The high level of expertise of the management results from many years of experience in the junior and exploration sectors. Our global network of geologists, decision makers, brokers, and mining company management teams gives us effective and direct access to international commodity markets.


Foundation: 10.08.2009
Commercial register Zug CH-115.000.067

Commodity Capital AG
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Tobias Tretter

Commodity Capital AG's Philosophy

Commodity Capital AG is a Swiss-based innovative investment consulting company whose expertise and knowledge are mainly in the commodity sector. The following issues are key points of our company culture:

High Expertise

Our clients are our most valuable assets, and we are dedicated to ensuring their comfort and satisfaction. This objective is realized through our unwavering commitment to employee development. Moreover, we place a strong emphasis on keeping our employees well-informed. As a standard practice, each fund manager actively participates in on-site visits and travels to key mining sites before making any investments. This approach provides them with a comprehensive understanding of the cultural and structural dynamics, geological findings, ethical considerations, and workforce culture. Ultimately, this equips our team to execute a long-term, successful investment strategy, centered on substantial, well-managed mines.


We prioritize ensuring that our clients have continuous visibility into their current wealth status and a clear understanding of the expenses associated with administration and fund management. This transparency is particularly crucial when it comes to the performance fee, making it essential information. As a result, we provide clients with detailed information and precise calculations regarding all costs and fees, fostering a high degree of clarity and transparency.


The commodity market is widely recognized for its rapid fluctuations and high volatility. As such, we maintain high expectations for our fund managers and team members in terms of their ability to effectively navigate the ever-changing market conditions. Additionally, we prioritize facilitating meaningful interactions with our clients, offering the option for meetings in Zurich or any location of their convenience. In these engagements, we rely on the adaptability and knowledge of our team and sales representatives to provide comprehensive insights into the current market conditions and fund performance, as needed.

Consistent Controlling

As the famous saying attributed to Cicero goes, 'To err is human.' In line with this wisdom, we are dedicated to minimizing errors. Commodity Capital AG achieves this through stringent control of our investment strategy. We leverage state-of-the-art IT solutions and regularly convene monthly meetings with our partners, focusing on next month's strategy, tasks, and upcoming matters, often in consultation with our legal advisors. Our weekly meetings, which also involve our sales team, grant us the flexibility to fine-tune our tactical approach. Additionally, we employ a VaR Model to oversee the daily adjustments in our fund management