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Sustainability as the core philosophy behind all our processes

Commodity capital’s philosophy embraces sustainability as the core principle of its investment activities as well as its work practice. We consider the environment in all of our investment projects as well as in our work-processes.


Sustainability is the responsibility of each and every Commodity Capital employee. We value healthy communities and sustainable production processes as integral parts of a stable environment. Commodity Capital is delivering on its sustainability principles by actively engaging with local communities.

Sustainable Investments

In order to ensure our principles our fund managers conduct regular site visits to our major production and supplier companies.

We are disapproving of

  • Child labour or any other violation of human rights;
  • Incompliance with environmental regulations, for example later reforestation;
  • Failure to remove hazardous waste as a potential result of the production process.

Should our strict due diligence process reveal any of the above, we reject the investment in the respective company.

Respecting socio-economic and ecological aspects as part of the value chain is fundamental in developing long-lasting relationships with mining companies. Therefore Commodity Capital is particularly interested in working with partners who place specific interest in the development of the local community and the region as a whole. Companies embracing the following criteria have proven more successful in their ventures:

  • Use of modern and ecologically sustainable raw material production technologies;
  • Active development of the local educational system (provision of education and training facilities for local workers);
  • Development of infrastructure such as local roads, water and solar energy plants as well as housing for local workers and their families;
  • Provision of health care and medical facilities.

Paperless Office

The use of recycled printing paper is considered ecologically friendly - but why not adopting a paperless office from the start with?

Commodity Capital supports the “paperless exchange of information” by communicating with our clients electronically.

Renewable Energy

Renewable sources of energy such as solar, bio-mass, wind and geothermal energy are gaining in importance. As part of Commodity Capital’s sustainability principle, we are working with companies which equally support the protection of the environment, the use of renewable sources of energy and deployment of sustainable technologies as part of the raw material production process.

Sustainability is deeply rooted in Commodity Capital’s company philosophy which embraces the principles of sustainable production and environmental protection as well as the adherence to human rights, labour laws and protection.