WMP I Resource Income Fund

The subfund is currently in the approval process of a transfer / migration into the fundumbrella Structured Solutions SICAV. Provided that this migration is approved by CSSF, investors should be able to access the new NAV computation shortly after the migration is completed.


The WMP I Resource Income Fund invests in fixed income structures issued by commodity companies worldwide.

The Resource Income Fund, invests in bonds, convertible bonds, loan notes and other non-equity related structures of commodity companies. In most cases, the Fund seeks to secure its position with collateral provided by the companies‘ assets. This allows the conservative investor to take part in the commodity sector without the high fluctuations of the stock market.

The fund is approved for public distribution in Luxembourg, Germany and Austria and can be acquired through various banks as well as the common platforms. Investors from these or other countries can request further information on the product as well as the sales prospectus and the current financial statements at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Fund in EUR:
WKN: A2AT4F        ISIN: LU1510784512
Fund in USD:
WKN: A2AT4G        ISIN: LU1510788349
Fund in GBP:
WKN: A2AT4G        ISIN: LU1510788349

General information
•    Bond fund
•    Fund: SICAV according to the law in Luxembourg
•    Investment advisor: Commodity Capital AG
•    Duration: open

Investmen Target
•    Achieve an above-average return with low volatility

current Fact Sheet

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