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Structured Solutions Next Generation Resources Fund

The Structured Solutions Next Generation Resources Fund (ISIN: LU0470205575 / WKN HAFX4V) is authorized for public distribution in Luxembourg, Germany and Austria and can be acquired through various banks and their existing platforms. Investors from these or other countries can request further information on the product as well as the sales prospectus and the current financial statements at

The Structured Solutions Next Generation Resources Fund is an actively managed fund which invests in resource companies, that promote “next generation” resources such as lithium, cobalt, graphite and other key resources required for the development of key technologies.

In 2011 the Structured Solutions Lithium Index Strategie Fonds was part of the top 5 funds for Fund Innovations of the Euro Rating Awards. The award-winning fund is now expanding its investment profile to include a more diverse range of resource companies. In conjunction with the expansion of the investment strategy, we have also changed the name of the fund:

Structured Solutions Next Generation Resources Fund

To secure the above-average returns the fund will still rely on lithium. However as indicated above, the fund will also include additional resources that are interesting for new technologies. Furthermore, the fund will take advantage of opportunities in conventional base and precious metals companies as those resources will still be required for new technologies.

This UCITS IV Fund is available at every bank in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg and is approved for public distributions.

ISIN: LU0470205575
Bloomberg: STSOLIS LX

Currently daily factsheet

Ultimo Factsheet

Important Facts:

  • Active equity fund
  • Fund category: SICAV according to the law in Luxembourg
  • Currency: €
  • Fonds Manager: von der Heydt Invest S. A.
  • Duration: open

Investment Targets

  • Investments that promote “next generation” resources


  • Sales charge up to 5% (for the sales partner)
  • Portfolio Management up to 1,5% p.a.
  • Cost for the fund 0,25%

For further information as well as the fund`s prospect please contact

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