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Resources mines are spread all over the world. Whether Africa, Australia or even Europe, you can find resources in every part of the earth great variety.

In our opinion, it is important to get a very accurate picture of the mining company, the geological conditions, the environment and the management. We always keep in mind: paper is patient and a telephone conference with the management usually shows a positive image of the company - but never the overall situation or the possible challenges on site.

Therefore, we are on site for all our strategic investments. Together with an international team of geologists, we are investigating the condition of the soil and the production progress of the mine. We pay particular attention to the relationship between the population and the company, to compliance with environmental regulations, the communication of management with the miners and the management's current and future challenges.

Irving Resources, Japan

Hokkaido, Japan | July 2019

Nevada und Kalifornien April 2016

Vereinigte Staaten | April 2016

Arizona Mai 2013

Vereinigte Staaten | Mai 2013