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Commodity Capitals philosophy

Commodity Capital S.A. ist a Swiss based inovative investment consulting company, thats expertise and knowledge is mainly in the commodity sector. The following issues are key points of our company culture.

High expertise
Our main asset is our client. Thats why we do our best to make them feel comfortable. We achive this aim through a high level of employer development. In adition to this, we keep our employees well informed. As a matter of course, every fund manager takes part on site visits and travels to the important mines before investing. He gets a better understanding of the cultural and structural circumstances, the geological results, moral and culture of the workers. It enables him to follow a long term succesful investment strategy through investing in the good substantiel mines.

It is important for us, that our clients always know and are able to trace how their current wealth situation is, how much they have to pay for administration and the fund management. Especially in relation to the performance fee this is a very important information. Thats why we give out the information as well as exact calculations about the costs and fees.

The commodity market is one of the fastest and most volatile markets. A good reason to expect from our fund manager and our whole team to be capable to deal with all current market situations. In addition to this, it is important that our clients are able to get their own picture of us. Thats why we like to meet our clients either in Zurich or wherever it is convenient for them. Here we also expect a lot of flexibility from our whole team and our sales people. We need them to be able to explain the current marktet situation as well as the performance of the fund wherever it is necessary.

Consistent Controlling
To err es human. Cicero already knew this. The best reason for us, to keep the number of errors as low as possible. Commodity Capital AG keeps doing this through a consistent controlling of our investment strategy. We use state of the art IT and ask our partners to a monthly meeting, where we talk about our next month strategy as well as tasks and upcoming topics together with our legal advisors. Weekly meetings, where we also invite our sales team give ut the opportunity to adjust our tactical strategy. In addition to this, the daily adjustments of our fund management are controlled ba a VaR Model.